Bandgap Engineering, Inc. Awarded Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Incubator Cooperative Agreement

Woburn, MA – November 19, 2012 –

Bandgap Engineering, Inc., a developer of silicon nanowire technologies for high efficiency solar power applications, announced today that it has been awarded  $1 million, from the Department of Energy (DOE) Sunshot Initiative Incubator Program. 

The objective of the Cooperative agreement is to demonstrate Bandgap’s nanowire technology’s potential to significantly improve cell conversion efficiencies on existing solar cell production lines.  In addition, the award will allow Bandgap to form relationships with potential partners that can enable a rapid commercialization of the technology once it has been fully demonstrated. 

“This award will provide $1 million of additional funding that will enable Bandgap to accelerate the development and commercialization of its nanowire technology,” stated Richard Chleboski, Bandgap’s CEO.  “We are particularly excited about the potential to increase the efficiency of existing production lines while lowering manufacturing costs.  Given the significant over-capacity in the industry today, this kind of differentiating improvement is crucial to commercial success.” 

Bandgap founder and CTO Dr. Marcie Black commented that, “This contract will enable us to work more closely with outside partners to create an integrated process that will increase cell efficiencies by about 7-10%.   That will enable our partners to provide products with a cost and performance structure that others will not be able to match.”

About Bandgap Engineering, Inc.
Bandgap Engineering, Inc. ( is pioneering the development of highly tunable, low-cost methods for nanostructuring silicon and is applying this technology to high efficiency silicon-based solar cells and high capacity lithium ion batteries. 

Founded in 2007, privately held Bandgap Engineering develops silicon nanowire solutions to make renewable power more efficient, less material-intensive, and more cost-effective than conventional power. Bandgap's nanowire-enhanced solar cell designs combine low-cost processing with crystalline silicon to yield high-efficiency products. Their tunable silicon nanowires make these designs possible, helping to make solar power cost-competitive with conventional grid power.  Bandgap is also developing  silicon nanowires for high-capacity Li-ion battery anodes.

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